Personal Narrative: My Home In Arizona

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I had two homes when I was a kid. My two homes were 2,300 miles apart. One in North Carolina and one in Arizona. Geographically, they each were complete opposites. One surrounded by trees and forests. The other surrounded by desert and heat. One home on the east coast and one home was on the west coast. I always liked my home in Arizona a lot more. The only problem was I would only go to visit my home in Arizona once a year while the rest of the year I spent living in North Carolina. During the school year I lived with my father and the summers I would visit my mom. I quite liked this arrangement. This meant I got to travel every summer. I would look forward to my summers and the weeks leading up to it would be the longest of the year.
My mother, my brother and my sister lived in a huge apartment complex in Arizona. Villa Serena was the name. To me it was like an oasis in the middle of the desert. The entrance had a sign that read “Villa Serena” surrounded by palm trees and golf type grass. It is very rare to see grass that green in a place as hot as Arizona. The apartments were made pueblo style. Almost all the houses are
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I loved Villa Serena and while I only spent 3 months out of the year there I remember it vividly. I have lots of memories of that place. For me, it was like home away from home especially since my other parent lived there. When I think about it now remember it as a time capsule, because it represents the last time all of us would live together. It truly was the last time. The thought of our time there is very nostalgic. My mother eventually moved out after my brother and sister graduated high school. My brother moved into his own house. He and his wife have their own family. My sister and her son live together. My mom has her own place in Phoenix. And I of course still live in North Carolina. I wish I could go back.
The last time I was in Arizona we drove past the apartments. My brother and I. “Remember when we used to live there?” He
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