Personal Narrative: My Home In Illinois

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Christian Morgenstern said that “Home is not where you live, but where they understand you”. Home is where my family and friends in Illinois understand me. So instead of moving to Florida or Tennessee after I graduate, I should stay at my home in Illinois. When I consider opportunities, family and stuff to do, it isn 't a hard decision to continue to live where I call my home.
Florida has an interesting history. The first people to reach Florida was 12,000 years ago ( A Brief History). The state fruit is oranges also the state beverage orange juice. Citrus Fruit, are a major part of Florida’s economy. Florida was named Pascua Florida by an explorer Ponce de Leon on Easter. Also the whole state of Florida is 53,997 square miles. However Florida has the mockingbird as the official state bird in 1927. A mockingbird can sing up to 200 songs, even songs of other birds (Orange State Fruit). A lot of people like the history of Florida, but I do not think Florida is not interesting because of it 's history.
Another interesting state is Tennessee. One interesting fact about Tennessee is that Memphis and Nashville are the two largest cities there. Memphis is famous
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In Illinois I have my dad, I could live with. Also most of my family lives in Illinois. I don 't like to be away from my family. If I didn 't live in Illinois I wouldn 't get to watch my niece or my brother grow up. They are the two most important people in my life and I couldn 't be away from them. If I stay here I would have so much support and I would still be around my friends and family. Also, I know my way around the area unless I move to a different town that I don 't know much about. These are all reasons why I would love to stay in Illinois after I graduate. Even though I would love to start a new life I like my life now and wouldn 't want to change it. If I do then it wouldn 't be for a couple of years from now. And while I still live in Illinois I need to get my own place so I don 't have to

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