Personal Narrative: My Home In Texas

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My home in Texas was all I had known for most of my life. Of course, my family traveled on vacations and went to visit relatives, but I hadn’t known any other home. I enjoyed living in Texas. The weather was usually warm so I could normally play outside with my neighbors, we had a sizable backyard with a small little grove of trees in one of the far back corners and a swing set and I had a capacious room with a window looking out to the street. I thought school was kinda’ fun and I enjoyed playing with my friends at recess. My life was normal.
But one day after school my Dad called us all into the family room. My Dad was usually one to always be happy and not one to easily show defeat, but that day he looked sort of dejected as we all sat down
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Mom and Dad were with me as we waited for my teacher to come to the office to retrieve me. When she arrived, she was kind and asked me to follow her back to her classroom. I said goodbye to Mom and Dad and followed my new teacher, the timid anticipation bubbling up inside me again. The room was empty because the other kids were finishing up their recess so my teacher, Mrs. Jaeger, introduced me to the morning work that the class did every morning. I was working on that when the students started walking into the classroom. I remember getting some confused looks as they saw me and realized that I was not anyone they knew. After the teacher had introduced me to the class I spent the rest of the day getting used to the new class and met several new kids. It took a while, but soon I felt comfortable talking to the other kids and made many new friends.
I remember going home that day and telling my mom all about my first day at my new school. I think, for the first time since my Dad had been laid off I felt a peace. I felt the fear that I’d felt over this drastic change in my life dissipate and vanish as I realized that we were going to be okay, that I was going to enjoy living in Dewitt. Though I would miss Texas and all the things I’d left behind, I knew that in my new home, I would be happy and I’ve been happy living in Dewitt ever
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