Personal Narrative: My Honors English 1 Class

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All my life, I was always told that I was so smart and advanced for my age. Everything came easy to me: math, writing, reading, sports, and even playing many instruments. All this came with little work. So I seldom ever had to study or practice for anything. This occurred all throughout elementary and middle school. I was even placed in honor classes, yet those classes still turned out to be quite easy for me. I had nothing less than an A, but that was all about to change once I got to high school. I had already missed the first four days of my freshman year, so I was already lagging behind. But the one class that I never seemed to stay afloat in was my Honors English 1 class. I was never good on tests, essays, or simple reading assignments. The first reading packet I had in that class took me by surprise. I was able to read it, but when it came to discussing it and answering questions about it, I had no clue what was going on. I was never able to figure out the story’s deeper meaning like the rest of my class could. This frustrated me so much, especially my…show more content…
My freshman year continued with much confusion. The only reading that I was doing then was just reading Fanfiction, but those stories are just written by kids like me, with the same english skills as me. I found it extremely entertaining, but nothing about it was making me a better reader. I just needed to read more books that would challenge me. Reading is not my favorite activity. If I get to pick the book I read, then I do a better job reading it. But if everyone is to read the same book, that is a whole different story. But then there was that rare occasion where I was assigned a book and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Where the Red Fern Grows. My favorite book of all time. I read it in the sixth grade, and I’ve never cried so hard in my life, aside from when I was born, nothing tops that. I was always eager to read that book during my english class and would even read ahead of the class, which was very
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