Personal Narrative: My Identity As A Student

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Before the workshop, I had the narrow mind that identity is all about race and ethnicity. However, after the workshop, I learned that identity can also be about others attributes such as sex, age, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and all other things. Now reflecting on myself, I felt that the school I attend contribute the most to my identity as a student. Ross has a world-renowned undergraduate business program, and I am proud of being recognized as a Ross student. However, this recognition comes with an expectation out of me. My teammates will expect me to be responsible for the group projects. My professor will expect me to articulate my thoughts clearly in class. My further employer will expect me to perform well under stress. I expect myself to build a successful career. All these expectations are affecting me positively because they serve as a motivation for me to excel myself both academically and personally. Because part of my identity is Ross student, I am always aware of matching myself to the standard and expectation out of a Ross student. Whenever I am assigned to a group project, I not only take care of my own part but…show more content…
Where I went to school will be a major part of my identity when the employer evaluates my candidacy. My employer will hire me because of the expectation that I will posses the analytical skills and leadership as other Ross students do. Because I am aware of my future employer’s expectation on me, I place an extraordinary amount of effort and energy into my academic and extracurricular activities, which will enrich my technical knowledge and train my leadership skills. Having Ross student as a part of my identity, I realize that everything I do will also affect other people’s perception on Ross student in general. Thus I will be responsible for my own behaviors, for both my personal brand and the perception about Ross graduates depends on my

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