Personal Narrative: My Identity As An Athlete

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"Physical education class is the most essential because it is the only class capable of lengthening one's life through establishing habits of healthy living." I once overheard my high school gym and health teacher say this, which lead me to consider how the statement relates to my identity as an athlete. Throughout my life, the term "athletic" consistently has been used to describe me. Although the label was initial placed on me by others, specifically my family and classmates, I have since adapted the term as an adjective to realistically portray me. Despite being a common and rather simple word, "athletic" conveys a multitude of meaning for my identity. Ever since became eligible, my parents were insistent about taking advantage of athletic opportunities for me and my brothers. Coming from a lineage of sports enthusiasts, it was imperative for my parents to continue the legacy with their healthy triplet boys. Beginning with soccer and Tee-ball then to basketball and track, the protentional for the adjective unfolded early on in my life and continued to blossom in its truth. Some of my earliest and…show more content…
Furthermore, my slender physique and broad shoulders play as an indication to any observer that I am passionate about my health. Motivated by my love for physical activates and the truth I found in the beforementioned quote, my diet also pertains to this portrayal. In pursuit of excellence in performance, my mom constructed healthy eating habits within my me and my brothers. Normal meals consist of a meat, a variety of vegetables, and milk. Also, the night before games or track meets, the menu is composed of pasta to prepare my body. One last aspect that regards my appearance is my style. By my choices in clothing, specifically footwear, it is apparent that I enjoy an athletic lifestyle. Overall, the term "athletic" captures a significant portion of my life and desires to fill my free
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