Personal Narrative: My Immigration To America

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As a teenager moving to a new country with a different culture, different language, and being thousands of miles away from everyone I grew up with was not an easy change, however, that was precisely what I did in January of 2013 when I came to the United States with my father. My whole world changed since, and shaped my way of thinking. From learning English, adjusting to a new culture, experiencing my first snow and finding my way in my new country, my life has been an exciting adventure. My parents brought me to America almost 5 years ago to have a better life, and to get a better education. When I first got here, I did not know how to speak, read or write English. I started going to a school called Newcomers School. The purpose of…show more content…
In my country of origin Togo, we don’t have a lot of freedom and you cannot protest against the government without fearing for your life or get prison time. Here, in the contrary, the Freedom of Speech is a Fundamental Right to every citizen. Anyone can express themselves without fearing the government retaliation. Another things that added to my experience in America is the weather. When I was in Togo, I heard about snow but I never saw it with own eyes until I came to America. I remember my first snow, the ground was covered in white snow. It was so beautiful to watch the snowflakes fall from the sky. At first the cold weather bothered me lot but it doesn’t anymore. As I am getting ready to begin my college years, my experience in America is getting richer every day. I have realized how much opportunities I have being an American citizen and living in this part of the world compared to the life i lived in Togo and I intend to make the most of it. I’m working toward my goals and one of them is to join the military. I always have the desire of serving people and I believe serving in the Military is one way to show my gratitude to my new country and its
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