Personal Narrative: My Immigration To My Personal Character

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When I was fourteen, my parents told me that we are moving to the USA for my bright future. We were sponsored by my aunt and uncle in this new world. Education in India, especially with a dream of becoming a Doctor, is expensive. My parents want me to be a successful doctor, but financial crisis was our barrier. I came to America in the search of opportunities and a successful future. However, this path was not as smooth as I thought. The reality is that life for immigrants like me is very tough and full of challenges. I faced educational and financial challenges in the USA, especially the first six months with sudden changes. However, these barriers affected my personal character by making me a hardworking, mature and manageable person. First, I was challenged academically in the school. Being an immigrant, I have to always prove myself with my ability to read, write and speak fluently in English. English is my second language, but I attended English school since Kindergarten(in India), therefore, English language was not a problem for me. Therefore, I was given regular, pre-Ap, and AP classes with other students. Though, sometimes language became a barrier…show more content…
My parents want me to earn the highest degree and fulfill my career goals. It was hard for my parents to find a job due to a language barrier, and being an immigrant. Later, my dad found a job, but he was paid less due to lack of experience. It was hard for us to manage the household with single man's income with no prior earnings in dollars. This was the challenging time, because we have to start with $0 bank balance in this unfamiliar country. To deal with this problem, I decide to help my dad to create the budget plan. Every month, I decided an amount to save and spend. This shaped me to be a manageable and a mature person, because I started managing my family. I knew how to spend and save the money at the same time with a small
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