Personal Narrative: My Immigration To USA

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This story about almost six years ago, when I came to the USA. Before I came to the USA I thought everybody will be different than me. For example, I thought that all people in the USA are white with gold, white, and brown hairs. When I land at the airport and I saw a lot people with black hair and not everyone were white. I said to myself, “I was wrong about the USA people.” After all, I got home and rest for two days. I was very afraid to go out not because I don’t like to go out. I do like to go out but I was afraid that people will … at me because I did not know how to speak English. Then I stated my high school in 2009. On the first day I was so scared to go to school. The USA school was different than Indian school. In India students don’t have to change their classes, when in here student has change their classes.…show more content…
I got more scared that time, I stared thinking about what if me late for class, what’s going to happen now, etc. I wanted to ask someone for help but I couldn’t asked. I was looking for my class and one girl came to me and asked me, “can I help you?” and I couldn’t understood what was she trying to telling me. “No English”, I said to her than look at my … and took me to the right class. Time passed and I tried to lean English. I really had a hard time to learn English but I didn’t gave up. I had a hard time to study English because nobody were able to speak, write, and read English in my family. I finished four years high school. Then my family wanted to move to PA so, my family and I moved to PA. I worked there at the store. I used to work 75 hours a weeks. Some people asked me “why do you work so may hours?” you are still young and there is a lot stuff out there you can do at this
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