Personal Narrative: My Injury In American Football

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My Injury It was a good and aggressive soccer game. It was tied 2-1 and 5 minutes left until halftime. They were a pretty good team but we knew we could beat them. We were just not playing as a team. I was getting frustrated, we won the header from their cross my teammate won the rebound and he saw me open so I started running through the wing. He sent a through ball to me, I knocked the ball forward. I was already a problem for the other team because I took on their defense so easily. So every time I got the ball two players came to me. So I always had to pass quickly, but luckily I knew how to get open. I would just do one-two play, or do some feints that I’m going somewhere and they would fall for it. Alright so I was dribbling the ball…show more content…
The first half ended and now our coach was talking to us how we are playing. So our coach told us we need to wake up and be more aggressive. He said we can play better than how we are right now. So now we got our minds locked on the game. Fifteen minutes into the second half we had 2 goal opportunities. Then in the following play, they switched the play to me. I got control of the ball, and immediately 2 players came on me. One tried to kick me down, and the other slide tackled. I fell when he kicked me, and he sat on top of me and my arm went in a awkward position. I felt my arm crack so my body went into shock. I tried to get up, but my arm went into pain. I stayed down and my coach came running, I told him that I can’t move my arm. He picked me up called my mom and I kept my eyes closed the whole time. I was in the car my mom was scared, and we went to the hospital. When I got there I was hoping I didn’t break my arm, my mom was there crying. I was nervous but I felt fine, then the doctor told me that I broke my arm. I had to stop playing for 3 months, I was acting fine but inside I was dying because I couldn’t do anything for three
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