Personal Narrative: My Interest In Basketball

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The first time I got interested in basketball was in 8th grade. I went to the informational meeting for modified basketball because I wanted to try out for a school sports team. I signed up to try out because I wanted to try something new. I never played basketball in my life. I always played recreational soccer. During the basketball tryouts, I worked hard and tried my best, but there were many girls that were better than me. I didn’t make the team and even though I knew I wouldn’t make the team, I still got upset about it. When the coach told me that I didn’t make the team, he told me to keep basketball a part of my life and that I had a positive attitude. To keep basketball a part of my life, I went to some of the games during the season and to this day I still make time to go to the modified games. In 8th grade, I was able to do the Spartan Games and you were allowed to pick the events you wanted to compete in. I picked basketball, the balloon toss, and the soccer kick. The first event that I competed in, on the day of the Spartan Games, was the basketball tournament. I was one of the only girls on my team. For each team, there were more than 3 people so at least one person would be a sub. To start the game, I was a sub but I subbed in during the…show more content…
I was very wrong about that. During the tryouts, I couldn’t keep up with the other girls. I didn’t make the team, but I was the home manager for the team. I enjoyed being the manager because I got to see how much running I would have had to do if I had made the team. I am so glad that I didn’t make the team, because I can’t run over a long period of time and I would have to be in a game for 30 minutes at a time. My body wouldn’t have been able to handle it. There are a lot of skills you need to have in order to make the soccer
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