Personal Narrative: My Interest In The Dual Graduation Program

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I am Matthew McVey even though typing that very redundant. I don’t always like to play by the rules, but most of the time even the rules need to be fallowed for the sake of everyone else. I can be a perfectionist and an utterly complete fool. Sometimes the simplest concept evades my mind entirely. I know the world will not wait for me to catch up, so I just have to be ahead of the world. What led to my interested in the Dual Graduation Program? The correct question is who led me to be interested in the program. The answer to that question would be would be Anthony Hendrickson. Over the past two years, I have had the privilege to know Anthony. If it was not for Anthony I would not have even known about Dual Graduation until I would have gotten the e—mail.…show more content…
I’m not a big fan of working on I think, but I’m confident that I will succeed in this program because I have the necessary mentality and ambition. Even if I wanted to give up I wouldn't, and can’t either, too many people have invested in my decision. I also have nothing to lose except my GPA score, but that is fixable at the end of the day. All I have is free time in my life, so why not put it into something more productive. What advantage will the program provide for my personal goals future goals and aspirations? It will offer several advantages for my future goal. Such as I will get better scholarship offers from colleges. I shall also have an easier time getting a job than the guy/gal graduating next to me in my field. Not to mention all the advantages said at the OTC open house. Out of all that what makes me the perfect candidate for Dual Graduation. I do not have that answers too properly tell you. All my responses were very basic, so basic that it could even seem ignorant. Even in the light of the situation why would I have any other motive, interest, etc. in the program? I what into it for the distinct advantages for my goals personal or
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