Personal Narrative: My Interests Profiler

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After completing three assessments, I came to the resolution that my Interests Profiler corresponds with a career in veterinary medicine. After researching the assignment, my initial thoughts about what it took to become a veterinarian matched up with the requirements stated. Not only did my interest areas align with this profession, but so did my basic skills and values. These results support my choice to become a veterinarian.
Since the age of four, my mind was set on becoming a veterinarian. Twelve years later, this is still the goal. Little did I know that the journey to achieve this goal was not going to be easy. When I had decided to work towards becoming a veterinarian, I had pictured myself in the future helping animals just like Dr.
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But nonetheless, I answered said questions and actually learned a lot about myself. By being investigative, I will be able to diagnose and point out the problems that an animal may have. This will allow me to not only become an accomplished veterinarian, but it will also allow me to figure out the best possible way to treat an animal. This goes hand in hand with the qualifications needed in order to become a veterinarian due to the fact that veterinarians need to “... make assessments from required demonstrations and experiments… ”(“Essential Skills and…show more content…
Due to my father joining the military in Texas, I would qualify to continue my education at Texas A&M University and not be required to pay for it. I plan to transfer from Rockingham Community College to this university. This is the first step in my education plan leading up to becoming a veterinarian. After transferring, I will finish up my undergrad majoring in biology continue on to the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences to major in animal sciences. During the eight years that I will study, I will participate in internships and apprenticeships under current veterinarians. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, I will take the Veterinary Technician National Exam in order to gain my license. After school I plan to continue under one of the veterinarians that I interned
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