Personal Narrative: My Intersecting Experience

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High school has been an intersecting experience for me. I have learned and experienced a lot of new things. I also accomplished a lot of goals for things that I always wanted to try. Also I will be leaving East Wake Academy with a lasting legacy that will make it easier for other students to pursue opportunities of their own. My time at East Wake Academy has been well valued; being there has allowed me to pursue opportunities that I would have never imagined could happen.

I have done and accomplished a lot while I was at East Wake Academy. In the first two years of being there I made an impact on majority of my teachers. I was a smart student who normally at the end of the year got the highest average or most improved awards in the class. In my last two years I was invited to observe the Zebulon Chamber of Commerce meetings. It was a great experience to go to the meeting to see how they planned the budget for the two of Zebulon. After the meeting as I was leaving I was approached by Mr. Craig Narron who offered me a summer internship at his Allstate agency which I did accept. The internship was a great experience. I had the opportunity work in a business related field seeing how a business runs from behind the scenes.
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This is a dual enrollment program offered by Wake Tech. During the second semester I began the program by taking one Microeconomics class at Wake Tech. During the following fall semester of my Senior I began taking three courses with the Career and College Promise. These classes have not been easy but have been well worth it. Hopefully by the time I graduate high school I will have about twenty college credit hours. This program has also allowed me to accomplish the goal of pursuing college opportunities before I even graduated high

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