Personal Narrative: My Interview As A Medical Assistant

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This person that I selected for an interview is a very close friend of mine. For this narrative, she is going to be addressed as Ms. S. She is a 35 year old lady who works in an Ambulatory Surgery Center in New York City, with 8 years of experience as a Registered Nurse under her belt. Looking sharp in her blue scrub suits and her hair neatly tied, you would know right away that she’s the no nonsense type. I’ve always thought that her love and passion as a nurse leader is nothing short of inspiring. She always had my admiration for her advocacy towards striving to raise the standards of the nursing profession. On top of that, she is a hardworking mother of three, two of them are toddlers. I’ve always asked and teased her about
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“I was seventeen years old when I arrived in Bayshore, New York. The very first job I had was to look after an elderly in her home. She was someone’s mother. They were the ones who suggested that I should take a course as a medical assistant and even offered to help me through school. I’ve always told myself that I was very lucky to have met them.”

“I worked as a medical assistant in a nursing home for three years. I was amazed by how rewarding it felt to give patients hope and strength while focusing on turning their deficits into something that’s going to make them feel better. Like many other jobs in the health care industry, nursing profession requires strong dedication and keen sense of commitment. I’ve had some tough challenges in this journey and I was determined that I wanted to further explore how far can I go. I asked myself, what’s the next step? I wanted to belong here. I wanted to make a change. It was then when I decided that I wanted to pursue a nursing profession. I enrolled and finished a Bachelor’s Degree Program in Nursing in Suffolk County Community College and didn’t waste time on anything but to study for my NCLEX examination. It didn’t take long when I finally had a license to work as a Registered
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We cater to patients undergoing Orthopedic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, and Pain Management. The personalized experience and systematic nature present in this outpatient center made learning efficient. I started off as a pre-op nurse, then they brought me in post anesthesia care unit. Eventually, the taught me how to be an operating room nurse as well. Our supervisor at that time decided to offer me to advance my education one step further. I finished an MBA/MSN degree in Grand Canyon University with an Emphasis in Leadership in Health. I decided to go back to school partly for the opportunities it would create for my career, but also because I really enjoy learning and being challenged and developing my ability to think and
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