Personal Narrative: My Interview With A Teacher

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As a requirement for this class, Administration and Supervision of School Reading Programs, I interviewed Mrs. Jessica Gettings, who is our current Reading Program Supervisor. Although our district does not identify Gettings as our district’s Reading Specialist, she is identified as our Lead Basic Skills Teaching in our Supplemental Instruction Program (SIP) which is funded by Title I, Part A funding. While she does not define her role as ‘supervisor,’ as she is not responsible for direct supervision of teachers; however, she does work towards mentoring teachers and provides example lessons and coaching. Mrs. Gettings holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, Theater Arts, and a k-12 certification in Reading from Rowan University.…show more content…
Gettings and I agree that our district has been making great strides in early intervention. As a former first grade teacher Mrs. Gettings, “values early childhood literacy and education and believes it is imperative to close the gaps as early as possible.” In order for the student to be successful as possible, Mrs. Gettings believes that parent involvement is a huge contributor to a student’s success. I asked, “How are you able to get parents involved with their student’s literacy achievements?” Mrs. Gettings responded saying, “I hold Parent Information meetings in the beginning of the year to provide parents with information about the program. I am available twice a year for parent/teacher conferences, I send home report cards every marking period and send e-mails, letter or make phone calls when necessary.” As a follow-up to this response, I asked if she felt that SIP parents are more involved because of their child is in this specialized program. She responded saying, “After the Parent Information Meeting, the parents are aware of the needs of the child and how we are going to help their child. They tend to be more hands on at home because they are receiving SIP services five days a
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