Personal Narrative: My Interview With An Iranian Family

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I chose to interview my best friend and her family who immigrated from Iran. Her father who is christian, stated that the Iran’s government created a threatening environment to live in, especially for religious practices other than Islam. He was a well known, successful chemist but secretly practiced christianity with a group of others in an underground church. He stated the the government was very hostile and would falsely accuse individuals of crimes. Once the government found out that he was associated with practicing christianity, the state made it hard for him to live a normal, safe life. He did not want his family and his kids growing up in this environment and wanted better opportunities for them so he decided to leave his home country. The process of immigrating was very stressful for the family. They found of group of individuals who were also being targeted by the Iranian government and decided to leave for America with them. They all fled to a very small village which they stated was dusty and dirty. The two…show more content…
Both, the father and the mother are back in school but find it hard to afford classes and understand some of the courses. Her family still celebrates Persian customs and found a group of Persians who also live in Waukesha. Her parents state that they are very happy living in America and grateful but wish they could visit their family back home. My friend and her sister state that they feel both Persian and American. Additionally, they stated that since they are women, they are especially relieved to have the opportunities that are provided in the U.S. rather than in Iran. However, as an ethnic minority, they additionally feel less accepted and wish they could visit Iran. The process of immigration and the struggles that they had to face, can be applied to many other immigrants. Understanding my friend’s story allows me to be aware of other immigrant’s
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