Personal Narrative: My Interview With Lauren Fidler

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I interviewed Lauren Fidler, a young lady from Iowa. She is a member of St John Paul Catholic Parish, this means that she is a member of the Roman rite and she communes with the pope of Rome. When I asked her about the pope she stated that he has authority and can’t be wrong. This authority that she spoke of came from the primacy of Peter as Vicar of Christ. My interviewee said that authority also comes from the Bible. According to the Catholic Church not only do they receive authority from Sacred Scripture, but also from sacred tradition. The Roman Catholic Church is considered conservative, however Lauren didn’t agree with everything that her church believes in this area. She doesn’t believe that homosexuality is a sin. The Catholic Church uses Old and New Testament passages to explain their stance against homosexuality. These bible passages explain how God unites man and woman in a two in one flesh union. Another reason the church stands against Homosexuality is because it goes against Gods command to multiply and it goes against Natural Law. My also interviewee thought…show more content…
Human sinfulness goes hand in hand with suffering and pain. At death people are judged by God. If they are not ready for the face-to-face vision of God they go to purgatory to wait until they are done being cleansed. My interviewee did not realize that her church believed in purgatory. The Catholics get their idea of purgatory from the old ways of praying and having communion celebrations for them. The Roman Catholic Church believes that people who died in the love of God will meet the tripersonal God and live with Him in the beauty of heaven. But if people push away God’s saving love they go to Hell and are permanently separated from God. They believe that if man loves God and their neighbor then they don’t go to hell. The need to show love to ones neighbor shows the Catholic’s use of good
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