Personal Narrative: My Interview With My Mom During The 1970s

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The person that I chose to interview was my mother. My mom was a teenager during the 1970s. I decided to choose my mom because I was curious about how she grew up. I also decided to interview my mom because it would have been easy to interview her since we live in the same house. That is why I chose to interview my mom.

The first thing that my mom and I talked about was the changing trends and her lifestyle as a teenager. When my mom was a teenager, her family events consisted of card games, board games, and a lot of fun. She said that as a teenager, her family got together for family picnics where they played games such as croquet, and baseball. Family events now consist of more electronic games like karaoke. They are no longer held outdoors, and we rarely play card games. My mom also said that when she was spending time with her friends, they would frequently go to the mall. While I don’t normally go to the mall, when I spent time with my friends than have been quite a few times where we have gone to the mall.

My mom also told me about clothing trends. She said that clothing trends during the 1970s consisted of leg warmers, platform shoes, bright colours, and big hair. Today’s trends include leggings, flannels, baggy sweatshirts, and skinny jeans. There is a big difference between the trends of the 1970s and the
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I also learned about how lucky I am to leave in such a modern world where technology is easily accessible. I feel that it is important to know about the lives of people who came before you so that you understand how technology has evolved. I learned that trends are constantly evolving and in the future there may be several new trends like possibly holographic televisions. I also learned that it is important to follow these trends so that you can analyze the job market and future job opportunities. I personally like this assignment as it helped me to learn more about my

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