Personal Narrative: My Interview With Taylor Hughes

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Interviewing Taylor Hughes was an interesting experience. We all asked the same questions from a list of questions given to us. During this interview Taylor and I learned a lot about each other. She responded to my basic interview questions with some interesting responses. Taylor and I met during a team building activity our freshman year at Yadkin Valley Regional Career Academy, during our first two weeks. Even though I have gotten to know her over the past two years, this interview experience let me get to know even more about Taylor. Taylor is a hardworking, compassionate, patient young woman who continues to inspire me to do better in my own life.
Taylor is 16 years old and is from Thomasville, North Carolina. Taylor went to Silver Valley Elementary School, South Davidson Middle School and now attends Yadkin Valley Regional Career Academy. I have been lucky enough to be able to witness Taylor’s ability to be so persistent and hardworking. Throughout the years she has always stayed on top of her work and turned everything in on time. Her ability to not crack under the pressure of exams has inspired me to always try my hardest even though it may not be easy. Taylor is currently taking Math 143 at Davidson County Community College; even while taking college
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Taylor has 2 guinea pigs, a rabbit and a dog. Her love for her animals is like no other. Her animals are her number one priority. When I asked Taylor what she wanted to be when she was younger she told me a veterinarian, I believe she would make an amazing one. When she wakes up the first thing she does is take care of her guinea pigs. She then lets her rabbit out to run around her bedroom. Taylor is one of the nicest people I know. I wish I could be half has compassionate and she is. If something is going on and you need someone to talk to she will out all differences aside and be there to talk to you about it and try her best to
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