Personal Narrative: My Interview With Wyonette

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When I started to interview Wyonette I didn’t expect to see her the way she was. She had been slouched on her couch with a tired expression running through her body. Her make-up from the night before had made her eyes look like eyes of a Raccoon. She still had her outfit on from her night of partying. During the interview she only gave few worded answers and a few sentences here and there. This made me wonder what years of college had led to for my mother Wyonette.

Wyonette’s college experience began when she was 24 years old. My mother chose UH Maui because in quote “ was close to home, also the best value.” she said. When I asked her what she majored in and why she said in quote “I chose to major in business because it would be a useful degree that I could use in different aspects in my life.” Asking Wyonette what motivated her to attend college she said in quote “I wanted a better life for myself and my kids. I also wanted a better job with a higher income.”

Wyonette was a mother of two and later on three during her years of college. Her experiences outside of school
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Her biggest value she got during her years in college was everything she learned. She says everything was equally important. Wyonette’s favorite part of college had been her graduation and getting her diploma. To this day she incorporates everything she learned in her daily life. At the very end of our interview I asked her what was her coming of age moment. It took her a few minutes to come up with her answer. While she thought of how to answer this I noticed that she was finally fully awake with no sleepiness in her eyes. Finally she answered the question in quote saying “My first experience of coming of age was graduating high school. But I do believe it’s not one moment but different stages in your life. Like starting your family or finishing college. All these moments are part of becoming a
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