Personal Narrative: My Involvement With Cheerleading

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While I have various interests and talents that have me involved in numerous activities and clubs, the role which best defines me is my involvement with cheerleading. I cheer in High School and on a competitive team at Cheer
Athletics which required a significant amount of my childhood to train to reach the highest competitive level. While High School cheer is mostly social, competitive cheer is my passion as it requires significant tumbling, jumping, stunting, and dance related skills that are fine-tuned over many years of training. This hard core training has taught me many important life skills that I believe will allow me to be successful in all aspects of my life.

I started competing at Cheer Athletics when I was six years old as I
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Team work is one of the best traits I have learned as cheerleading championships are not won by individuals. All the athletes have to come together to learn the same lessons with one of the most important ones being that champions are made at practice. The success of the team depends on each individual simultaneously performing elite choreographed skills while overcoming mental and physical constraints which is what builds the tight bond between teammates that allows everyone to function better than they could individually. This high level of team work is required for success and safety at the same time.

Cheerleading allows me to participate in activities that contribute to worthwhile programs within my community as well. The team participates in the
Smiles program that allows downs syndrome kids to cheer with my school team on game nights. I was also able to organize a group to participate in the Susan G
Komen Walk for the Cure which carried significant importance to me since my grandmother passed away from breast cancer. These have been outstanding experiences that I might not have been involved with if I was not participating in cheer.

When I started cheerleading, I thought it was all about winning the trophy
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