Personal Narrative: My Job

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I 've had four jobs in my entire life, and some were better than others. My last job was in the fall of 2010 at a restoration company. They work with insurance companies, who have fire or flood claims, to try and restore all the textiles before they`re considered a total loss. That fall discovered that this was the worst place to work at, it was so bad my stomach turns every time I drive by the building. The pay, the conditions, and the manager made this job unbearable. Most of us work because we need the money, and expect to receive pay after a long week of work. However, within a few weeks at this job, I received a paycheck and was told not to deposit or cash the check until further notice. Turns out the owner was not managing money very well and decided he needed; an ice skating rink in his back yard,…show more content…
I started out by taking inventory, on a computer program, of every individual item that came in and tagging it. This was definitely a dirty job as we received clothing and other household items that had been in fires and floods. Once, while processing bedding from a retirement home, I came in contact with a soiled adult diaper that was wrapped in a sheet. That was an experienced that I will never forget as it upset me very much. Due to exposure to allergens such as; cat fur, dust, mold, and dirt, my health started to suffer. My allergy medication couldn 't compete with the constant and intense exposure, and many times I would be wheezing by the end of my shift. Summertime came and luckily the assistant manager moved me to packaging because I was one of the few people she didn 't hate. The downside to that new position was that I was required to constantly get clothes from the back where it got so hot it felt like an oven. Sometimes the temperature inside would reach over 105 degrees, making it
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