Personal Narrative: My Joining The ALP Program

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My first year at Brookdale I joined the ALP program because I didn’t get a good grade on the Accuplacer. I decided to join this program so I wouldn’t have to take a English course next semester and be so behind. I joined Brookdale because I didn’t know what I wanted to do as a major and also didn’t know what four year college to go to. I didnt think Brookdale was going to all that great so I didn’t really want to go, but it was the best decision I made. Going to Brookdale was a good choice for me. First, going to Brookdale was a good choice for me because I have met good and wonderful people. I met a good professor who cares and wants to help her students succeed. And I met good students in the ALP program. Before coming to Brookdale,…show more content…
Brookdale was named one of the top community college in New Jersey and can really help you transfer into a good school because of their connection. I have learned so much of my time at Brookdale and feel like I could be ready for a four year college because of Brookdale. Furthermore, going to Brookdale was a good choice for me because I am getting good grades. Because I made a commitment into getting a good education and not slacking off I am finally getting good grades. During my time in high school, I would get Bs and Cs, but now at Brookdale, I am getting grades I could only dream of and also enjoy learning athte same time. For example, the ALP was tough at first but during all the journals, the freewrites, and the essays were really were not so bad and they were easier because I paid attention to my professor on writing better and to make my emotions on paper,. To summarize how Brookdale was a good choice for me was I met good people, the courses, less money to spend, has a great hands on learning experience, and getting good grades. For all the new students in the ALP, learn and enjoy being in that program because that program really helped me learn two English courses in one semester so that
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