Personal Narrative: My Journey At St. Mary's High School

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At four years old, my mom and I moved to the Baldwin suburb from Queens. I have always had a fervor for trying new things. This move, opened doors to many new resources and opportunities. I was excited because I would live in a new home, make new friends, and have a different lifestyle. However, all my friends were in the Baldwin school system. I didn’t enter the school system until the age of eight beginning third grade. As I commuted back and forth from school. I saw one of my friends carrying an oblong black case. He opened it and and as I reached out to touch the gold piece he snapped it shut. I begged to get another glimpse of the prized trumpet and after being denied, even after the offering my lunch money, I told myself was that…show more content…
Mary 's High School, I learned on the first day that the school didn’t have a band. Once I realized that I wouldn’t be able to play in or out of school, I was heartbroken. Outside of school I was a Boy Scout and participated in sports. I used Boy Scouts and different sports to branch out and outlet my talents into different areas. Becoming an Eagle Scout, an athlete, and staying on top of my school work kept me busy so I wouldn’t continue to think about my affinity for the saxophone. Going into my junior year, I heard a new Broadway director was to become the head of our Performing Arts Department. The disparity in time between then and my saxophone days was long. Girls became a greater interest, and I was inspired to join the drama club. The club met everyday after school, and after a few days I realized it didn 't have much in common with the girls. I 'm not dramatic and I have two left feet. I needed to find my niche. Once I spoke with the new director I told him I could play the sax. He then gave me a solo piece in the winter season school play. Through this club, I rekindled my love for the saxophone and, in the process, made friends. Not through dancing or acting but having a great passion. Girls are cute, but the saxophone will forever be my first
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