Personal Narrative: My Journey To Alcove Springs

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My wagon train and I are leaving Independence and will travel 166 miles and 6 days to Alcove Springs. While we were leaving there was a huge traffic jam with all the carts and animals. The cart in front of mine was driven by a lawyer from New York so he didn't know how to control his animals very well. When we got to the Kansas River the carts wouldn't float so we all had to pay $1 to use the raft. After 6 days and 166 miles we finally made it to Alcove Springs. Many people kept going because they were afraid of the Native Americans. The water was so beautiful and clean, but there were a ton of mosquitos. Sometimes they will get into the food and turn it all black. Tomorrow my wagon train and I are leaving Alcove springs for Fort Kearny. Two days into the trek to Ft. Kearny the hub cracked after …show more content…

The Three Island crossing will be a great place to stop and get some food and water. The current of the Snake River isn't fast so it will be easier to catch fish and river mammals. Some people would float their wagon or drive their wagon, but I'm going to hire a ferry to take me across so my wagon doesn't sink or get flooded. After I crossed the river it's another one hundred fifty miles to Fort Boise. I will have to trade in my old oxen for some new ones and purchase more supplies. It was a close call, I didn't have that much food for the last three hundred miles. Every time we would stop I had to ask people from other wagons for a little bit of food. When I bought the supplies I looked at the prices and they were through the roof. Whitman Mission is the last place I will stop before I arrive in Oregon. The Blue Mountains had to have ruts cut in it so the wagons could drive over it easily. Whitman Mission was the hardest place to get to with the mountain and the big river. Everything was so expensive at Fort Boise it forced me to break open my savings jar and pay with some of

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