Personal Narrative: My Journey To California

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Around ten o'clock, the large pacific train came rolling in. I had been waiting on the train for about three hours, because it was running really late. I had to sit there in boredom because my mom took all the data off of my phone because she said that I would pay more attention to my phone than I would in California . The journey to California will take three long horrible days on the train with grouchy babies crying and moms yelling horribly at their kids because they are acting really bad. When I boarded the train I smelt a horrible rotten smell, but I didn’t know where it was coming from. I asked the person if he knew what the smell was coming from and he said that the toilet on the train was backed up because one of the pipes had busted, but they were trying their best to fix it. Just a few minutes after the man had told me that the toilet was messed up they came over the intercom and loudly said “sorry ladies and gentlemen we are having difficulties fixing the toilet and it might take a few days so there will be a bigger black train that will be here in the morning for ya’ll to ride on…” and that was the last I heard as I drifted to sleep.…show more content…
Right after I got ready I heard “All aboard”. I walked as fast as I could to get down to the train. When I finally made it down to the train I gave them my ticket and looked for the best window seat I could find because I want to be able to look at all of the nature on the way there. After all of the people boarded they made us listen to all the boring rules, and when they got done the train left the train station. Later that day we got some really good news that it would only take us two days instead of three to get down to
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