Personal Narrative: My Journey To Great America

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One day my family and I went to Great America. It was a sunny day and there was no wind, anyways I really wanted to go on a roller coaster, it would be my first time! I was really excited, I was 9 years old so it was a big deal to be tall enough to be able to ride a roller coaster. The roller coaster was named The Grizzly, I thought it was the best one to be my first, so my dad and I got in line. We were the first in line, and when we got in the roller coaster cart, we were in the first cart. I have the best luck! When the ride started moving my stomach started to feel funny. Then the roller coaster cart started going downhill, and I felt something go up into my throat. I threw up on my dad! He almost threw up too because of the disgusting
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