Personal Narrative: My Journey To Haiti

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I wouldn't be the person I am today without the experiences and where I come from. It all started from where I was born. I was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti on January 22nd 1995. Haiti is located in the Caribbean, and there we speak two languages fluently, Creole and French. All my family from both my mother’s and my father's side we all come from Haiti. I don’t remember much from the time I was there, because I was very young. I left Haiti when I was about five years old, I went to France with my cousins and aunt and stayed there until I was about eight or nine years old. From there I went to the United States to be with my mother in New York. The majority of my life I spent it in New York with my mother. It wasn’t until August 2014 I moved…show more content…
I’ve met some amazing people and had great experiences. In High School I always tried my best, every quarter I was on the high honor roll and if I wasn't I was at least on the honor roll. I always did what I was expected to do. My school years what I enjoyed doing was dance. I’ve been dancing since middle school. I’ve done everything from tap dancing, ballet, jazz, contemporary, Hip-Hop, and even african dance. I love performing, that rush and good feeling inside that I accomplished something and got to perform it in front of a huge crowed. One great experience I had was my dance team got the opportunity to perform at a big dance theater in Manhattan, NY. One of the top administrative members pointed me out from my whole class and said I was one of the best dancers he seen in my group. That was a big moment for me and a great accomplishment. I will never forget that experience. One of my favorite things to do is travel. I hope that one day I can travel and see the world. I feel that I can always learn and grow as a person. Seeing other cultures and eating their foods is a great feeling. I am very aware that there are numerous different cultures, languages, and different places in this world. I feel like I learn a lot from being in a different part of the world and seeing other cultures. I have traveled to France, Canada, the Bahamas, and many parts of the U.S such as Florida, New Jersey, and Nevada. Some places…show more content…
I know that I have the potential and the intelligence to go after what I want in life, but of course all of that requires hard work and dedication. I am taking steps in my life now to better my future. I do believe education is key to almost anything and it will always be beneficial towards the future even when sometimes I don't see progress right away. I have many goals that I have yet to accomplish. I want to make a difference in the world, even if it’s a small group of people, I want to do something and be productive. I have a great heart and I know I will go far in this world if I stay focused and
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