Personal Narrative: My Journey To High School

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As we road down the street to the high school to find Roberto all the familiar places that I saw weren 't going to be their for much longer because I knew that we were going back to Mexico. When we arrived at the high school the immigration officer got off the car, locked the door with me inside and went into the high school to get Roberto. My heart began to crawl into my chest because the next time we would get off the car it would be in Mexico, after a couple heart aching moments, Roberto and the immigration officer came out. As they approached the car, Roberto grabbed the immigration officer 's kevlar vest and slammed him into the van head first which left in laying on the ground. Roberto ran up to the car opened the door and said lets…show more content…
.We both stared laughing unexpectedly with hope and joy in our hearts, next came the discrouged realization that we are two teen age boys with what is probably less 30 miles of gas left in the tank and no money wont get us very far. So we stared at each other in a slince defeat for what seem like hours before we started planning on how we would…show more content…
Roberto pointed at a huge green sign that said 157 miles to Phoenix AZ as we passed the sign Roberto said we should start thinking of what we are going to do when we get to the immigration office. Thats probably a good idea i replied. Roberto reminds me to stick to the plan as we past the immigration office as we head into the family visitation picnic area. My hands begin to shake as two immigration officers past by me and I feel as I can really hardly hold down the food from last nights gas station stop. Roberto hits my side with his elbow and i realized that i was frozen with fear and slowly start to walk over in correct direction again. We all are in tears hold each other once again Roberto goes over to papa and explains to him that their is only two guards here watching us. Roberto said to papa follow my lead then they walked over to the immigration officers watching tv behind the desk and asks for a restroom where Roberto had cut the chain link fence outside the restroom window before visiting hours. They all head through the hole one by one where they met Roberto and i waiting on the other side to freedom. Mama was the last through the hole she ran into the car and

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