Personal Narrative: My Journey To Job Corps

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I chose to come to Job Corps was because I felt like there was nothing constructive for me to do in life. I felt as if I was just sitting around doing nothing all day long. After I completed my sophomore year in high school, I went job hunting that summer. I filled out multiple applications and every last job I applied for and attended an interview with never return my calls. I realized that without a high school diploma or trade related skills, my future would be dark. Job corps offered me the opportunity to get my high school diploma as well as trade skills. It’s not easy, but I’m driven and I will succeed.

My mom kept pressuring me to get a job, which made me feel very uncomfortable. During the summer, I was stressing so badly about getting
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I am able to learn things, but I just wasn’t catching on as fast as other students. I learned a lot of things late such as tying my shoes, riding a bike, driving a car and etcetera. I got tired of starting to do things later than my peers so I asked my mom what she thought about me attending Job Corps. She thought it was a good idea, but my aunt suggested that I finish high school before going to Job Corps.
The more I thought about my decision, Job Corps seemed to be the right fit for me. I chose to get my high school diploma at Job Corps and enrolled there on July 13, 2015. I will be the only male in my family to graduate with a high school diploma once I complete. I felt like I had to make myself proud and improve my choices in life. I am going to finish Job Corps to make sure that I have good opportunities in my life.
Life is full mistakes, and I made plenty which is another reason that I came to Job Corps. I got tired of making the same mistakes and getting in trouble for the same mistakes. I decided that it was time for a change. I was starting to feel like everything in my life was a negative. This was happening during my teenage years from me being fourteen all until my sixteenth

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