Personal Narrative: My Journey To Montevista

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I had such an odd dream. I will sum it up the best I can. It felt so very real. So, I think I was hallucinating and I was trying to unlock a lock that could possibly save the world that I believed my evil math teacher set up & I was the only who who saw him. Of course, no one believed me. I was at school and told an official (why?) and they checked my record and said they will look into Montevista. I go back to class and sit next to my new aquaintance, Tierney, who lovingly refers me as her bestie. Another official comes to the class door and I go out, they tell me it's time to go to Montevista. I walk back in the class sobbing and grab my bag and Tierney comes with me. I tell her I will not be here for a long time, she refuses to leave me and gets herself admitted somehow.…show more content…
One of them thanks me for being kind and happy all the time despite what I was going through. We are separated into teams. Before that however, Tierney fights an offical and wins. No one does anything but I yell for a long time for her to stop before they hurt her. They are in awe, the officials, and take her away to another place, soon after she is discharged. She was very popular. I was very jealous. I am on Team Skeleton with some random people and my old elementary school crush. We surprisingly make a decent team, not terrible enough to be punished and not great enough to have other circumstances go our way. We are forced to do activities or else. Two people tried to escape, I saw their pain as their blood oozed and splattered against the concrete. We were forced to act like nothing happened. We did harsh activites and nothing was related to mental health. They used force and threats and agression. Some time later, after Team Skeleton won an activity, the headmaster tells me and another girl that we can go home. We do not believe her, (at least I did not) and I stood there stupified. Then, I woke
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