Personal Narrative: My Journey To Nicaragua

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A day after Christmas, two years ago, my mom and I set out on an adventure to Nicaragua. We went with a group from our church, led by my mom. Our church supports two missionaries in Bluefields, Nicaragua so that’s how we decided to go to Nicaragua. Going down to Nicaragua was a dream for a lot of people in my church, including me, so we were heading down there quickly. The first day there we spent getting to know our host. She was an old, Nicaraguan lady who always had flour on her dress. She made us feel so welcome in her home as we got situated. Her house was like a quilt. As her family grew, her husband had added on new rooms and extensions to the once small house. Everyday our host would cook us a delicious breakfast. Each morning we…show more content…
There were two sizes of food for the kids, big and small. The small ones were for the little kids, and the big ones for the older ones. Sometimes I would accidently give a big bowl of food to a kid who was supposed to receive a small one. Most kids wouldn’t say anything; they would be happy to have more food. But not these kids. Immediately, they would hand their big bowl to an older kid who needed it. The children took care of each other. Another wonderful thing about going to Nicaragua was experiencing the culture. Each day, on our way to the Comedor, we would have to drive through the city. As we rode, our driver would point out different significant locations in the city or places where his friends lived. We also got to experience how the people of Nicaragua interacted with each other on these drives. I was an experience I will never forget. The final day we were submerged in Nicaraguan culture. Our group experienced a market place where I bargained for a rainbow blanket. We also hiked up to a volcano! There was smoke and steam coming up out of the volcano. Then we had some fresh sea food, which was amazing. And then our time in Nicaragua was over, and we were heading back to the US. Going to Bluefields, Nicaragua was an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am so thankful to the people of Bluefields for letting me see a piece of their culture and
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