Personal Narrative: My Journey To Panama

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I thought to myself. Wow. In just a few hours, I was going to be in a totally different country. My last day in the United States was on a warm day in July of last year. I would be using an airport in Washington D.C. to make my journey to Panama. So many emotions piled up in my head, and my mind could not process anything. The fact that I was going to miss my family kept escaping from my mind. The one problem that circled my thoughts was about how different it would be without them.
Once we entered the airport, it took what it felt like ages until we could have everything ready to go with my attendant. By this time, I had started to calm down. When it was time to say goodbye, I was hit with a boulder of realization. I wasn’t going to see them for an entire month. I cleared my head so I wouldn’t have unnecessary emotions. I told myself, “ I will call them as soon as I get there! It’s going to be ok…” After my last wave, me and the attendant stepped into the boarding tunnel.
When we finally reached the
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When they finally started to let people go, my friend and I were directed to go to sit in the first class seats. We headed over there and admired the luxury. I took a few pictures with her, so I could remember this experience. After around ten minutes, the attendant picked us up and started walking us to the exit. When we left the aircraft, we started to board a strange machine. It was filled with other flight attendants, so I guessed it was so they could get to certain places with ease. After we arrived back to the main building, we went straight to this waiting area, where there was a lady in a booth. She took a while checking our tickets, passports and if I remember correctly, our bags. I’m not sure why we had to though, because I never had to on previous trips. I waited and waited for what it seemed like hours until we were able to continue our “fair wells” to the
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