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It was the beginning of Spring 2015 and I was in 4th grade. Baseball season was right around the corner and I was shopping for gear. My baseball team, the Alameda All-Stars, was put together by me and my twin brother, Austin, when we asked our friends if they wanted to play with us. At practice coach sent us to warm up our arms and run around the field, then take positions for grounders from an assistant coach. Coach told me to play 2nd base and I wasn 't use to that position because all my life I have mostly played 1st base. Everyone took the field and coach started to hit grounders and my dad was standing at 3rd base watching. I’m left handed and I could get mostly every grounder, pop fly, and line drives. Then my coach came to me and asked if I wanted to try playing with my right hand, because I could play with both pretty well but not as good. I switched gloves and coach…show more content…
Everybody is surrounding me. Tears filled my eyes and one of my teammate’s mom comes and says, “I 'm going to go run to the store and get some ice.” My dad grabbed some tissues from his car and I put them in my nose to stop the blood from going on the ground and I layed my head back and pinched right above where the ball hit me. When the ice arrived my dad was holding the ice on my nose. My dad then called my mom and asked if she can pick me up and take me to the doctor. My dad starting detailing what he saw. He said, “ That was bad, I heard the pop from 3rd base”. I started to laugh. My mom finally arrived and I stopped crying. I stood up and it was hard because everything was blurry and I was wobbly. I hopped in the car and we drove to the doctors, 25 minutes away. We signed ourselves in and the doctor called my name, she scanned my head and then the news was coming. She said, “Ethan has a minor fractured nose and a concussion.” I was in shock and this was going to ruin my season. They said I was going to have to be out for at least one week and half but after that I had to wear a
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