Personal Narrative: My Journey To The United States

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When I was only eight years old my family decided to come to the United States. I am the middle child out of three and the only male, having one younger and one older sister. My father only finished elementary school because he had to work to help his younger siblings and parents. My mom only has a middle school education. My father does landscaping for a living and my mother is a homestay mom. Leaving behind my extended family and culture and getting used to life in the United States has been one of my biggest obstacles. As I’ve been growing up in this country I have always had a passion to help people. I have always had to see people struggle trying to make it through the day, therefore I have developed a passion to take on responsibilities such as learning to be an independent person and committing myself to help…show more content…
For me it wasn’t just a class, it was more of a place where I knew I could do more things for the school, being part of different committees for differents things like prom, assemblies, open house nights, and football games helped me shape into a more active person in school and the community. My grades in high school would’ve been better but I had two deaths during my high school years. Both of my grandpa’s passed away not far apart and that was something that I couldn’t take in easily. Through this day I haven’t fully accepted that they are gone and that I didn’t get that last chance to be with them. Through this experience that is a working process I’ve learned more about myself as a person. My three most important values humbleness, family, and dedication have been the ones slowly helping me trying to get past this experience. I currently work with a non profit organization that works with kids with special needs. These kids have also taught me that you should always just continue to be yourself and you’ll be accepted. Most importantly to forgive and never hold any grudges against
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