Personal Narrative: My Journey With Chick-Fil-A

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My journey with Chick-fil-A began when I was 16 years of age. Even as a teenager, I understood the value of a dollar thanks to my parent’s direction. I wanted to have the freedom of driving my first car and beginning my financial future. As soon as construction began on Reynolds Road FSR, I recognized I wanted to work there. I completed my application online and delivered it to the trailer marked “Now Hiring” in the parking lot. Little did I fathom that this one act would transform my life forever. Rob Watkins opened the door and asked if I would come in for an interview later that week. I replied “sure” with much excitement. Later that week I went to the interview and Rob hired me on the spot as his first employee. I was ecstatic! The paperwork…show more content…
Rob mentored me and taught me the true talent and leadership abilities it would require to become an operator. As college neared its conclusion, I knew that I wanted to attain some experience outside of Chick-fil-A before pursuing the possibility of becoming an operator. I entered the finance industry as a Student Finance Advisor for a University. I learned the value of public speaking, communication, corporate structure, employee benefits, and financial constraints. The one concern that continued tugging on my heart strings was the fact that the company’s culture did not align with my beliefs and goals as they had with Chick-fil-A. I felt confident that God had a greater intention for me within Chick-fil-A. Surely as a sign from God, Rob called Aubrey and I almost two years to the date that I had started with the University and explained that he was awarded this new FSR in San Angelo, TX. He asked if we would be interested in joining him for this once in a lifetime opportunity in a community that had lost a veteran operator to a stroke. We felt in our hearts that this was God’s calling for us, and I was thankful that he was calling me back to a company that I love

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