Personal Narrative: My Journey With My Collegiate Goals At Shawn

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* Describe the intersection of your faith journey with your collegiate goals at PBA.

The intersection between my journey of faith and my personal collegiate goals is not something that can be simplistically explained, for the joining together of the two is a complicated, intertwined, beautiful, terrifying, mess of hopes and dreams. The word “intersection” is at first glance, uncomplicated, merely a definitive point at which two separate things join together for a brief moment. While my faith journey will intersect with my collegiate goals at PBA, the intersection is anything but ordinary.

A journey of faith is a way of life, much like success, the reward is in the seeking and not in a perceived destination. I know God has called me to continue my educational journey through college. To praise Him by acquiring as much knowledge about His kingdom as I
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The accomplishment of my collegiate goals is a step to facilitate my development of a lifestyle seeking God. My dream is to build a worldwide business with integrity and humility founded on the values of faith, family, freedom, and unity. I see PBA as an opportunity to join a community of like-minded peers and mentors who will assist me in developing those values, and provide an unparalleled biblical education.* An education that will not only scholastically prepare me for my future endeavors, but also teach me how to better serve others, how to become a better leader, and one that that will bring me closer to God. I feel that PBA will help to strengthen my Christian worldview in a relationship with the academic and business world, and provide the opportunity for me to use my musical gifts to serve others through faith. With professors who are committed to my success, I will have the opportunity to pursue both my gifts in music and passion for business in a community of like-minded people, and be able to use these gifts to inspire and bless

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