Personal Narrative: My Kidnapping

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Draft Hello. This is Tom J. Menios. These are the events that led up to my kidnapping on the evening of September 30th, 1989. Here is my story. It was pretty warm that day. There were few clouds, and I went to a pretty small school. I lived up in the Rockies which would explain why I went to such small school. I had just moved here from Thornton where I had many, many friends; but they are all gone now. I only have a small group of friends, around 3 or 4 people. Sometimes my old friends call me, but I don’t think that they miss me that much. It was Friday after school and all of our friends decided to meet up at my house. In that small group of friends, there was a girl named Michelle, a boy named Alvin, and the other boy’s name was Mikey.…show more content…
I’m getting kind of freaked out.” I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but whatever it was, it probably wasn’t the best idea yet. The trail eventually stopped. It was about 8:00 now since the group was walking so slow. There was a little area of dirt and no more trail to walk on. The wind stopped blowing out of nowhere. You could hear a tree branch snap, just like in the movies. We all looked around at each other, and found out that it was Alvin just not looking where he was going. There was complete silence. I stopped walking while the group was still very far behind. I looked very hard into the trees. It was almost like there was a man standing in between the trees. But it looked exactly like a tree. Maybe my mind is just playing tricks on me I told myself. I drank more water, and made myself think that it was nothing. It was still there. I moved closer to it. And closer. Even more closer. I started to feel nauseous. Was this an actual man? Did I need to drink more water? Was I getting even more sick? I didn’t know for sure. The man supposedly wearing a suit stepped out. His face was white. It was as white as a cloud in the sky. He was wearing a red tie and black suit. He was almost 8’ tall, maybe even more. The part that terrified me the most was the fact that he didn’t have a face. The only thing he did have were marks and indents in his face as if someone had torn the eyeballs out of his sockets and covered it to make it look as if nothing was there. Tentacles began sprouting out of his back. They were even longer than how tall he was. He reached out and… GRABBED
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