A Narrative Essay On How I Spent My Summer Holiday

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Everyone succeeds more when they dedicate themselves the fullest. Abroad, hiking deep in the mountains requires coordination, overcoming extensive physical walls, and striking dangers. When our group tackled the French border, our hard work got the results we only had wished. As my foot crossed the line, my language trip to Spain was lifted off the ground. Trekking over peaks demanded having ample coordination. With the time we were given to climb over the mountains, we needed to have great logistics. Our plan was to leave the hostel we were staying in bright and early in the morning, and to make it back a good half hour before the Gondola ran to bring us home for the night. Language was also a barrier that we had to overcome. We were students learning Spanish in Spain and were amateurs at the language. We were semi-fluent, but having a normal paced conversation with a native was stressful. I especially would feel the pressure to reply quickly, but many times my…show more content…
We needed to be coordinated to succeed in our goal as well as physically and mentally able to overcome obstacles. The storm screamed at us to turn back until we decided we had to not listen. As my foot crossed the border, I felt myself lifting up. It was completely artificial, and completely mental. Maybe the storm had gotten to me, but I felt my clothes becoming feathery and my water-logged shoes dry. It was the largest sense of accomplishment I had ever felt. I learned to dedicate myself to something that I now use every day to achieve my goals and feel great about them. Every time I tackle a project or research presentation, I give it my all. The circumstances had been the dreadful, my good friend Jacob’s arm had been slightly burnt by the lightning strike, but through the storm the danger and the thrill of accomplishment, everyone in our group had one of the most fun day of their life. And we all say it was because we worked so exasperatingly hard for

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