Personal Narrative: My Last Day Of Middle School

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The second to last day of middle school my 8th grade english teacher, Mr. Kalbach, went around the room, and told my peers how he saw them change, grow, and learn throughout the school year. He saved me for last, I did not find it awkward since I was the last one sitting in his rotation. When Mr. Kalbach got to me he said, “Ramses, I wish I was more like you in High School,” I felt overwhelmed when he said that obviously, but at the time I did not realize how much that statement meant.

The next day was 8th grade graduation; I walked up on stage to receive the award for third place class ranking. The other 300 students in my class most likely felt envious towards me, but I was secretly enraged at my friend April who won first place. From
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My schedule had a plethora of advanced courses and like 9th, and 10th grade I felt it would fly by. But for the first time ever, I felt the feeling that many of my peers had told me they felt before. For the first time, I did not understand what the teacher was teaching. Going after school, paying attention, taking notes, just was not enough. I felt like the subject of mathematics was doing me wrong, like it was attacking me. I tried to drop the class but it was too late, and the best advice my counselor could give me was “try your best.” But, trying my best was not doing it. Next thing you know my grades were dropping and I knew this was not the Ramses, Mr. Kalbach would want to embody. My family was disappointed in me, but I was really trying. My friends told me, “It 's just one class,” or “Math is hard, it 's okay.” For me it was not okay, and after having a meeting with my counselor concerning my math grade, she told me “try harder next year.” So, coming into senior year I felt the same thing I felt during my first day of high school, pride and confidence. I finally understood what Mr. Kalbach meant when he said he wanted to be like me in high school. He was not talking about my grades, attendance, or my attitude for school. Mr. Kalbach wanted to see the Ramses that I saw in the mirror the first day of senior year, and I know I will not let him
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