Personal Narrative: My Last Year In Football

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This year in football I got a new position, last year I played offensive tackle and defensive tackle. This year I play center defensive end, last year I was awful, I was second string, i’d cry a lot, and I was so scared scared to hit someone. I was a HUGE wimp! I tried my hardest to get better I was still scared to hit someone. This year I was so excited to play new position in football, I would workout and practice everyday to get better I knew it would pay off. The first couple of practices we don’t do much we would walk threw things waiting for full pads. About a week later we finally got full pads I was so excited I wanted show everyone what I got and how much i’ve improved! “ Zach, I want you to him as hard you can!” coach yelled.…show more content…
I knew I would not be a guy that gets the ball, I knew I was gonna have to play Offensive line and Defensive line which I was fine with because that 's where the most contact happens and I like to hit people. One thing is to be able to play offensive line, you have to be able to play all the position on the offensive line. People think it is easy it’s not because our job is to protect the quarterback and it can be hard when people are two times the size as you. When I used to play offensive line guys I blocked were not that big in 6th grade. If gone up to guys that are 6’2 250 pounds in 7th grade. When you play center, defensive tackle are huge. Everybody would think I would not be good in a game with my new positions, judging me thinking I would be bad this year, but little did they know coach wanted me to start defensive end and center. When I told them that they thought I was gonna do bad they had their heads down nervous I would do bad every snap. In practice I was doing pretty good they thought I’d do bad going 100% full contact everything. I’m not gonna lie, I was kinda nervous. It’s finally game day and we are going up against Ypsilanti, they have huge guys! Coach wanted me to start center and there nose guard was huge lined up right in front of me. I thought I was gonna do bad for this guy, but I had a good plan. We scored a touchdown first play of the game. The lesson is don’t judge a book by it 's cover, because you never know what could happen if you do judge a book by its
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