Personal Narrative: My Life And Hero's Journey

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My life’s journey as a thirteen year old is very similar to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. I have had to had to overcome some challenges that have been both mentally and physically. I went through depression and the problem of keeping myself from doing anything harmful to myself and others and finally getting help and seeing therapists. I have had to go through tests, which challenged me, and have gotten passed them with the help of many mentors. Then I had to decide to get better without falling back into the same hole again. It started in the middle of 7th grade. I thought middle school was going well. I didn’t deal with the problem of bullying and I had friends. Everything was going out great, until one day I get this message. I was happy when I saw it at…show more content…
It will feel horrible at first then you’ll slowly get better. I saw that I was wrong really quickly. I ,instead of helping myself, I helped my friends Nataleigh and Arianna. They, at the time, were my best friends. I couldn’t live without them, but both also had problems of their own; And being the person I am, instead of helping myself out first, I let my depression get worse and worse in exchange of helping them. I was happy of the fact that I was doing some part in them getting better in someway. I didn’t want to repeat what i felt like I did to my other friend.
After a while I got to the point where I had to go to a therapist because I couldn’t handle the pain. I ended up telling my mom I needed a therapist and she got worried. She found out that I self harmed and took me straight to the doctor. They recommended me to therapists, but those therapists didn’t help much. I ended up going to a psychiatric hospital after a few months for trying to kill myself. It got really bad. After that I finally got new therapists and actually started to feel better. Completely leaving the depression was the hard
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