Personal Narrative: My Life As A Band

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Band has been my happy place and has always been there for me when I had my ups and downs. I can always count on band and the people in band. There have been times in my life where things were falling apart and band was always there to keep me together. I started playing the clarinet in sixth grade. I had tried different sports; I didn't feel connected to the team, but when I started doing band I felt how every person matters and how they play affects the whole group and you don't want to let people down. The friendships I had outside band weren't as strong when we had less in common. When I started doing band at high school level I started to be friends with people I never thought I would be friends with, because I wouldn't have been spending that time with them. We are always there for each other and are like a little family.…show more content…
One of the main skills I have learned from band is a great work ethic. I know how important it is to be on time and how to stay at the end of practice to help other people that need it. When there are new kids they are going to be scared and I'm going to be there to help them get comfortable and happy about being in band. I would really enjoy the opportunity of being a mentor to other band members. There was a student here when I started who was our section leader and she took care of me and led me so that I understood the principles of being in marching band. I would like to be that person for somebody
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