Personal Narrative: My Life As A Baseball Player

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I have been interested in baseball ever since I was three, I went to a cardinals game and I got a monkey. I know it sounds weird but they had a monkey with velcro hands and feet and I would hang him around my neck all the time. I still have the monkey today. Once I was old enough to play tee ball I was ready. I played tee ball for one year. I was supposed to play for two but I was bored of it so I played with my sister who is a sophomore now. I played with her for a year and then I played with Briggs. Briggs and I have been friends since pee wee soccer. Our dads have always been the coaches so we have always been able to be together on the same team. So we played instructional for two years together before we moved up to mustang. When I got up to mustang was when I was really started getting interested in records and players. I remember trying to learn how to read all of the stats on the back of a baseball card. I got so many baseball cards in a short period of time and I had no idea what any of it…show more content…
In first was the Astros, they had all of the now Freshman on it. For our first playoff game we played third place which I think was the twins. That was the game that Briggs hit his first ever home run. We beat them pretty bad. The Astros did the same, as expected. Championship game day, the game started off good and we were really close, tied as a matter of fact until the bottom of the sixth it was the last inning we had to hold them to go to extra innings. One runner got walked the next got a hit so the first runner got to third then we got two outs. Then their best hitter comes up and it was a full count and he hits a single and they win. Now Briggs and I were very competitive, so we took it pretty hard. The next year we got into travel baseball. Which at our age we thought we were pretty cool. Really, we weren’t, our first season we had a below five hundred season. That means you lost more than you
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