Personal Narrative: My Life As A Black Man

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It still remains fresh in my memory that when I was still in my junior high school, one day my classmates and I were walking on our way home after school, around the corner of the street appeared a black man whom was very rare to see in my hometown. Although my parents had taught me that it was very impolite to stare at other for a long time, however, I still slowed down my footstep and could not help glancing at the black man a few more times with my classmates who is behaving more unbridled, laughing out loud teasingly and talking in a very low voice. At that time I did not know if that could be counted as racial discrimination of not because we certainly had never had the idea that black man is inferior to us, instead, we just thought the black man was so different to us. However, if some people do that to me, I would definitely be annoyed a little. Later, when I was admitted by a high school in the city I live, I finally had the chance to meet some foreign teachers and international friends with whom I have maintained very good relationships. More than a few of them have told me that they feel “not comfortable ” when some Chinese people look at them up and down and talk of them behind their backs. Foreigners and Chinese are of the different races, although almost all Chinese people as far as I know are…show more content…
For example, Asians who usually have yellow skin and black eyes are more introvert, quiet and clam all the time; Africans who have black skin are more active and are very talented in music and sports. Different races stand for different customs and cultures. America, as a country of immigrants, has included many races ,therefore, it also means that America has embraced various cultures. Although each culture has its advantages and defaults, we could find that every culture of a different race has made great contributions to the American culture
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