Personal Narrative: My Life As A Military Brat

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My life as a military brat has not always been easy. In the last 19 years, I have moved five different times and dealt with my father deploying for months at a time. Moving is hard on military families because of having to meet new people, figuring out where to go to school, etc. Every military child is unique in their own way, whether it 's because of the different experiences he or she has attained from moving, the different cultures/languages, or even meeting new people. This would not be possible if his or her parent didn’t make the decision to go into the military.

Moving is always exciting but you have to get over the fact that you will be moving away from friends. My experience with moving has been amazing. The first time that
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One of my best friends, Sheri, is a native Alaskan. We met in seventh grade at the Central Middle School of Science. It was my first year in Anchorage where I was attending a public school downtown. She could speak her native language (Inuit) and English. Every summer, she would move back to her village, Shaktoolik (population, 300). Sheri once told me that she has so many cousins that if she was going to marry someone it would not be someone in her village because it could be a long distance cousin.

I am thankful for all the friends I have met over the years. Meeting new people is always hard but I have learned over the years that sometime all it takes is for someone to say hello. The tension goes away and the friendship begins. In Mississippi, I met a girl named Caitlyn. To this day, I don’t know how we became friends but it was probably because our dads worked together. Military kids usually cling together because we know what each of us has gone through and we know how it feels when a parent leaves on deployment.

In the end, the military life is amazing no matter how a person looks at it. I have gotten to meet some cool people, got to know different languages and cultures, and I have gotten to move to some really cool places in the United States and overseas. If I had the chance to do it all over again, I would. I love the military life even though it is
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