Personal Narrative: My Life As A Minority Community

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I am a young, first generation, multicultural African American and Filipino Women, that had the opportunity to live within a diverse community surrounded by opportunities, language, and an endless support system.Growing up in the suburbs of San Jose, I was introduced to music at a young age, being how my parents met, I had the ability to choose to participate in outside activities such as sports, the arts, and girl scouts. All I slowly discovered was a privilege. Girls Scouts gave me the opportunity to learn about leadership, teamwork and the impact of giving back. Fundraising for those with illnesses, providing food and or gifts for families that were unable to while participating in grand opening events for those within the Santa Clara…show more content…
These issues are societal factors present in all communities, ages, and ethnicities, however, the minority communities which are made of a majority of low-income individuals seem to face many difficulties accessing life’s necessary resources. Low-income communities deal with lower performing educational opportunities and limited influential leaders which lead to limited employment. Most individuals within minority communities work multiple jobs making it difficult to obtain the necessary funds for healthy eating habits, medical resources, and transpiration abilities. This challenges that individuals time and also their quality of life. Individuals within the minority communities strive to survive/ make ends meet verse the ideal life which can be putting their children in extracurricular actives, taking trips and the ability to focus on themselves. For example, Downtown Los Angels compared to Irvine, Encino or Pasadena. All are cities in Southern California, possibly hours from each other but have totally different economic opportunities and resources all do to the funds available. I’ve seen the effects in both areas as a young adult in Southern California. My passion in regards to these issues is that all should have the opportunities to obtain the necessary resources to an equal
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