Personal Narrative: My Life As A Physician Assistant

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Life is a continuous story filled with good and bad, and mine is no different. My sister was born premature with spina bifida, that lead to the implantation of a ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt for her survival. Since birth she does not have full sensation below her hip; she has been unable to move her left leg and has limited motion of her right leg. She experienced a difficult childhood because she faced numerous medical problems that required many hospital visits. During those hospital visits, my parents did not have anyone to look after me, therefore they took me along with them. My desire to become a Physician Assistant arouse by spending most of my childhood surrounded by medical professional. Children are not able to recollect all their life events, except the ones that have left an impact on them, psychologically. One incident that left an impact on me was when I almost lost my sister. I was too young to understand what was going, but I remember seeing my sister dysfunctional and not responding to anyone or anything for days. After seeing no improvement for days, my mother called 9-1-1. At the hospital I overheard someone say that if my sister was not brought in on time, her chances of surviving would have been none. Every time I look back on this incident, I am filled with gratitude towards the EMTs, paramedics and…show more content…
Wanting to become a medical professional at a young age and gaining a better understanding of the various roles they have in a patient’s life through the years, helped me realize that I want to be a Physician Assistance. I have chosen to build my career as a Physician Assistance because I understand the significance of a life and want to have an impact on patients’ lives and make a difference. This profession is suitable for the lifestyle I want in the future because I plan on having children one day, and I want to be able to be there for them while they grow
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