Personal Narrative: My Life As A Roller Coaster

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I have never really liked roller coasters. Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that life is very much like one. The first and only time I rode a roller coaster, I was ten years old and anxiously excited. I lack the precaution to remove my glasses before boarding a silly mistake, especially considering the beast in question is called “The Corkscrew,” a monstrous structure that, as the name indicates, loops up, down and upside-down in a giant corkscrew. I am calm while boarding and as the tangle of gears beneath us clicks and groans. I undergo the gradually increasing angle of the track in silence. My mom knows what’s coming, and I catch her mumbling complaints under her breath before we’re at the very top with the entire amusement park spread below our feet. As I am confronted with the vertical drop below us, all…show more content…
Like any well designed roller coaster, life has twists and turns and down points, but it also has high points. When I am sitting alone in my room late at night with only my lamp, my homework and my hesitant for company, it seems as if my life is stuck in a permanent downhill spiral. However, after the homework’s done, my heart is lighter, and I can go to sleep having learned the consequences of delaying even if I don’t always apply the lesson.

Pain is inflexible, but it does not last forever, and we are stronger and wiser for having lived through it, even if only by a little bit. Also, there is more lessons to come in life, I always think of it as, god gives the hardest problems to the strongest people, the ones who can get through it. So perhaps while I do not plan on getting on a roller coaster anytime soon, chances are I may end up on one, but I will not panic or be scarred by the memory of my last coaster ride, because I’ll know and believe that it will get
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